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I recently encountered a small list of hair related Etsy shops and I want to share them with you guys.  I haven’t personally tried any of their stuff, so I can’t recommend them from first-hand experience.  I just thought I’d put them up here to make you all aware of some new options.  Be sure to check them all out.  There are some very unique and beautiful pieces!

Sherry’s Potions & Lotions – handmade natural hair care products

NativWomn – handmade hair accessory organizers/travel bags

AKC Woodworking – hand carved wood hair sticks and hair swords

Grahtoe Studio – hand carved wood hair forks

Lark’s Hair Sticks – uniquely shaped hand carved wood hair sticks

Sirius Hairtoys – hand carved wood hair forks

Willow the Wisp – hand carved wood hair forks

RavensCroft – hand carved wood hair accessories (currently out of stock)

Mairzy Dozy – handmade metal hair forks (plain and decorative)

3 Grrrls Handmade – handmade hair sticks, decorative hair clips, and hair-friendly elastic hair ties

Aliarose – handmade hair sticks, some of which glow in the dark

SilverSkulls – handmade hair sticks