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featured reader #2 – Elizabeth

My second reader is a more recent but still enthusiastic follower.  She expressed interest in various hair care routines, hair journey stories, and favorite hair styles of other readers.  So please help her out by being my next featured reader! 🙂

Name:  Elizabeth
Age:  23
Location:  USA

How long is your hair?  33″

Is your hair naturally curly?  No.  The underlayer of my hair has a slight wave to it at the nape of my neck, but it’s so heavy it’s hard to see unless I have my hair up in an half-do.

What products do you use for cleansing your hair?  I use all Giovanni products at the moment, but I have used Suave, Chagrin Natural Bars, and Baking Soda in the past.  Giovanni so far has worked the best and offers gentle SLS-free products.  I’ll also use WEN cleansing conditioner when I have to wash a lot.

What products do you use for styling your hair?  I use Giovanni anti-frizz; I don’t generally have frizzy hair, but I like how it smells and it helps with the static since I live in a drier climate.

Do you change products often?  No.  I went through a phase where I was changing them up every few weeks, but that age old motto “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” really epitomizes my hair’s needs.

Where do you buy your products?  Walmart for the win!  If I’m buying henna I’ll either go to my health food store or go online.  WEN is available online, but I bum mine off my mum. 😛

What is your hair care routine?  A typical week for me would be to use coconut oil (if I remember) the night before I wash, and then shampoo (twice) with Giovanni, rinse, squirt diluted conditioner all through my hair, let it sit and rinse with lukewarm to cold water.  I towel dry (I never use heat) and then scrunch my anti-frizz serum through my damp hair after combing it with a wide tooth comb and I’m done!  I’ll use different hair masques, all homemade, when I have the time or when I feel the need to do so.  I used to S&D (search and destroy) religiously, but honestly I haven’t seen a huge need for it right now and I have a feeling with the length and thickness of my hair I might just go crazy trying to get rid of everything.  Instead, I just treat it gently, don’t wear it in restricting or really tight hairstyles a lot and use coconut oil and that seems to be helping.  I also cut out all SLS products from my hair’s diet and that has made a big difference as well.  I usually will wait anywhere from two to four days between washing again depending on how dirty my hair is.  If I have to wash it two days in a row, I’ll use WEN instead of the Giovanni.  I will trim as I see fit, but my hair grows fairly evenly so there isn’t a huge need for it.

How do you wear your hair most often, up or down?  Down.  Since I’ve recently layered it there is more movement and I’m able to keep it down.  Usually the last day before I wash, my natural oils have built up enough on my scalp that I prefer keeping it up.

When did you decide to grow your hair long?  My family is full of longhairs and I have gone from long hair to short to long to short to long all my life.  This time around, I’m growing it out because 1) I love long hair 2) it suits me, but also because it makes me happy and it is a little bit of a security blanket and this time around I’m not growing it out just for the sake of having long hair and bragging rights.  I’m growing it out because I truly enjoy having it longer.

What influenced that decision?  A small portion of growing my hair long again was being bored with the short hair, but a lot of it was feeling self conscious about myself; I didn’t like how I looked or felt.  I wanted something unique to me and also I saw that it made my husband happy for me to have hair that was really long and feminine, so that’s a big encouragement.

What do you like about your hair?  I love the heaviness of it, and I love how thick and crazy it can get.  It’s like me; not willing to be forced into any style that it doesn’t like. 🙂

What do you dislike about your hair?  I tend to get really nasty tangles at the nape of my neck and I get headaches when I keep it up for too long.

Do you ever receive compliments about your hair?  For the most part the majority of compliments I get are from my mom or my coworkers.  My friends don’t get why I would bother with long hair especially since short and sassy is all the range haha!

How do you feel about strangers complimenting your hair?  Honestly I find it really flattering, and it makes me feel great!  The one comment I’ve been getting a lot lately is “Your hair is really long!” and I don’t really know how to respond to that one other than “um….yeah…it is…?”  It’s not really a compliment so much as a comment, so I can’t really say thank you lol.

If you could give one tip, what would it be?  Treat your hair like old lace whenever possible, and don’t assume that there is one magic hair fix; everyone will have different needs.

Elizabeth’s personal blog:  www.thecontagiousintrovert.blogspot.com


2 responses

  1. Love your hair Elizabeth! It’s so gorgeously thick! Thank you putting this together Sarah. These reader posts are so interesting to read!

    September 26, 2012 at 3:27 pm

  2. I agree with Gillian! Beautiful hair, Elizabeth! 🙂
    And the featured reader posts are interesting to read.

    September 27, 2012 at 4:57 pm

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