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water temp

I had a “duh” moment.  One of  my biggest problem areas is a dry flaky scalp.  Over the last few seasons, I noticed a pattern.  During the summer, my scalp was fairly free of flakes.  As winter came on, I started seeing an increase.  Then summer again and it decreased.  I was thinking it didn’t really make sense because it had been a particularly hot and dry summer (three months of no rain and temps over 100).  The dryness in the air and the heat should have made my skin/scalp drier, right?

Then it hit me!  I’m very cold-natured and have to take steaming hot showers in the winter.  I was taking much cooler showers in the summer (especially after being outdoors) because it was so hot and dry.  The water temperature was affecting the dryness of my scalp!  Now, I’ve known for a long time that washing your hair with very hot water can be a contributing factor for dry hair/scalp.  I’ve even advised people about it.  Why did it never occur to me that it was my problem?  I have no idea…..

So now (after slapping myself on the forehead for being so ignorant) I try to wash my hair with cooler water, even if I have to wash it while leaning forward so the water doesn’t touch the rest of my body.  Then I adjust the water to be warmer for the rest of my shower.  I would like to be able to just wash my hair separately by kneeling next to the bathtub and putting my head under the faucet like I used to, but the position of the bathtub in the house I’m living in now makes that impossible.  I still have issues with flakes, I think I always will because I just have naturally dry skin, but it is better when I use cooler water.


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