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wedding styles #6

I don’t have videos or tutorials for these, but I can give you general idea of how I would recreate them.

In this post I refer to lace braids, waterfall braids, and fishtail braids.  Tutorials for creating these types of braids can be easily found all over youtube right now.

barrel curls & braids – Follow my instructions for making barrel curls.  Before you get started on the rolls, make a few small braids in random places throughout the ponytail (the shorter your hair is, the more braids you will need).  If your hair is thin, you may wish to attach purchased braids.  Incorporate the braids by looping and pinning as you create the style.  Make the rolls large and very smooth to get this polished effect.

curly french twist – This style works best on naturally curly or permed hair that is around shoulder length.  Section off the center back by parting from behind each ear to the crown area.  (These do not have to be perfectly straight parts because they will be covered up!  It’s best to avoid pulling apart the curls because that creates frizz.  Just gently section it off with your fingers.)  Gently twist this section as if you were creating a french twist, leaving the ends loose and falling over the top of the head.  Secure with pins.  Divide the remaining hair in half by creating a rough side or center part (whichever you prefer).  Gather the left half  behind the ear and gently, loosely twist it towards the back, securing it near the top of the back section so that the curls point upward.  Repeat on the right side.  Arrange the curls.

half up lace braids – Divide the hair in half  horizontally from ear to ear.  Divide the top half by making a side part in the front.  Make a loose lace braid beginning at the top of the ear and braid straight back, taking large sections.  Stop when you reach the crown area and tie off the braid.  Repeat on the other side.  The braids should end at the same point, meeting in the middle.  You can hide the hair bands by arranging and pinning the hair to cover them, or use a decorative hair accessory.

imitating a french braid – This is an extremely simple style!  Make a side or center part (whichever you prefer) and comb the hair down nice and smooth.  You may wish to use hairspray or a little gel at this point to tame any flyaways.  Grab a small piece from the hairline on each side near the temples and join them in the back with a tiny hair band.  Smooth it down into the rest of the hair.  Repeat until you’ve reached the neck.  Make sure all your hair bands line up in the back.  Secure a small decorative hair accessory on each band.

half up diagonal braid – Divide the hair in half from the top of the left ear to the bottom of the right ear.  Begin a french braid near the left ear, braiding loosely and taking large sections.  You can do a lace braid or a waterfall braid.  (This appears to be a sort of combination of the two, not dropping as much hair as a waterfall braid.)  Tie off the braid when you reach the hairline behind the right ear.  Arrange the hair so that it hides the hair band or cover it with a decorative hair accessory.  Optional variation: Braid to the end and coil it into a small bun behind your right ear.

front pouf – Make sure your hair is nice and full, it will need a good amount of volume.  Section off the hair on the top of the head, from the temples to an inch or two in front of the crown.  Backcomb and then smooth the top layer.  Gather the section and push it forward a little to make it puff up more.  Pin it in place by crisscrossing 2 or 3 bobby pins.  This is a messy look, so don’t try too hard to get the pouf perfectly smooth and even.

zigzag fishtail –  Beginning at the front hairline near the temple, make a fishtail french braid in a zigzag pattern.  This takes practice!  It may be easier to make a part by drawing the line you want to follow and taking hair from either side of the part as you add it in.  Braid all the way to the end and tie it off.  Pull at the sections of the braid to loosen it up.  Following the flow of the zigzag, coil the tail of the braid into a side bun and secure with pins.

fishtail bun – This style could probably be created in the same way as the one above.  Rather than zigzaging the braid, begin it around the crown area and go straight down.


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