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wedding styles #4

Here are some of my favorite tutorials from youtube.  Sadly, youtube videos are not permanent and some that I had saved have been removed.  I wish I could download them so I won’t lose them!

Click on the pic to see the video.

“butterfly braid” – This one would be good for a more relaxed setting, maybe an outdoor summer wedding.  I think it’s very pretty and unique.  It would be great for someone who has very straight hair that doesn’t hold curl well.  You could also add a flower to dress it up.

curly side bun – If you really want this to look like Taylor Swift, I suggest curling your hair a lot more than he did in this video.  Or, if you have natural curly hair, it would work well.  I did this style on a friend who has very thick heavy hair.  The trick is to form your basic bun shape with the back and then pin the front loosely back into it.  I don’t exactly like the way this girl’s hair turned out, but the technique is good.

loose double bun

leave it down but add lift – This video and the one below are using extensions, but that wouldn’t be necessary if you have long enough and thick enough hair.  They also show how they curled it with rollers.  I think their method of smoothing gel on each piece of hair as they remove the rollers is a great idea.  Just don’t use too much or you’ll straighten the curl.

all to one side

down the back – I’ve been wanting to try this on someone, but haven’t had a chance yet.

“cascading roses” triple bun   – If you want the buns to be angled across, it worked better for me to place the first one directly in the center.  Also, my hair is long enough and heavy enough that it started to slide out of the style after an hour or two.  I tried it again by making loose ponytails before creating buns.  It held way better, but didn’t have quite the same look.  I may try it again the original way but use a lot more pins.  I really loved the look though!

“romantic vintage”


One response

  1. Love the “down the back” one. I so wish my hair would do that!

    May 17, 2012 at 11:22 am

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