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wedding styles #3

Here are some adorable styles for flower girls or junior bridesmaids.  These are not photos of my own work, but they would be pretty simple to do.  I will give brief instructions on how I would recreate each one.

tiara braid (I just LOVE this one!) – I can’t wait to try this one on my nieces!  Part the hair down the center and make a dutch braid from the nape of the neck up towards the the top of the head.  When you get to the crown area, begin curving the braid towards the other side (it helps to take pie-shaped sections of hair when you reach this point).  Stop gathering hair when you reach the center part and continue to braid to the end.  Tie it off as close to the tips as possible with a tiny clear elastic band.  Repeat on the other side.  Bring the braid tail across the top and, beginning at the end of the braid, coil it into a bun so that the ends are at the center.  Pin the bun in place to the side of the crown.  Repeat with the other side.  The braid should begin at the nape, go up the side, across the top, and be pinned in a coil on the other side.  (I included the second pic so you can see more clearly the path the braids follow.)  Decorate with small flowers or jeweled pins.

wrapped dutch braids – This one is so simple!  Part hair down the center and make 2 dutch braids from the front to the back, braiding hair all the way to the ends.  Pin the ends into a bun or however you would like to arrange them.  Use a large plastic craft needle to “sew” the ribbon through the hair, wrapping in a criss-cross pattern around the braids.  Tuck the ends of the ribbon under the bun, or tie them in a bow.  Decorate with a large bow (such as in this pic) or flowers.

braids and curls (for a little girl with very long hair) – Pull the hair into a high ponytail.  Make 5 or 6 braids and tie them off a few inches from the end and curl the ends.  You could use a curling iron or sponge rollers.  Loop the braids and attach them at the base of the ponytail by tucking them under the hair band or placing another band around the ponytail and braid ends.  Arrange the curls, pinning if necessary.  Decorate with ribbons and flowers.  I think it would be pretty to weave ribbon into the braids.

coiled braids – (You may recognize this from The Game of Thrones.)  Make a part from one ear to the crown and then to the other ear, dividing the hair in half horizontally.  Put the lower half in a ponytail or bun to keep it out of the way.  Make a center part in the top half.  Comb one side down towards the ear, dampen the hair and use a little gel so it will lay smooth and flat.  Begin the braid at the top of the ear near the horizontal part, aim it towards the back of the head so it will lay flat when you coil it.  (Try to divide the sections as equal as possible because this braid needs to go to the very tips of the hair.)  Braid to the very end using gel and a spray bottle as you go to prevent stray ends from poking out of the braid.  Tie it off as close to the tips as possible with a tiny clear elastic band.  Release the lower half of the hair.  Beginning at the end of the braid, coil it into a bun so that the ends are at the center.  Pin the coil in place.  Repeat on the other side.  This pic has no decorations because she’s wearing it as an every-day style, but you could dress it up with jeweled pins or small flowers.

stacked ponytails – This one was created by doing 3 ponytails stacked vertically and then creating inverted “topsy tails” with each one.  By that, I mean to flip the hair under the band and through so it’s pointing up and falling over the hair band.  Then curl and arrange the ends.  If the little girl’s hair is long, you may need to pin the curls in place.  This one is decorated with a bow, but I think it would look fabulous with a mini tiara.

flowers – If the little girl doesn’t have much hair, compensate by adding lots of flowers!  You can use fresh or fake, whichever you prefer.  Sometimes on a little girl it’s better to use fake, especially if she’s bouncy.  I will talk more about using flowers in a future post.

For some unique little girls’ styles that are extremely easy to create and a little less formal-looking, check out She Does Hair.


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