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I tried using a mixture of henna and indigo this time.  I used 300g of indigo and 200g of henna.  I was going for dark brown.  It still has a lot of red in it, but it’s not quite as bright as just henna.  I was a little afraid the first day or 2 because my hair had taken on a grayish tone, but after the color set in it looked much better.

These pics were of course taken almost 4 years apart and obviously not in the same room, but I tried to get the lighting as similar as possible.  You can hardly tell the difference in color, which is pretty true to reality.  The main differences I can see are the grays are more of a blondish-brown instead of orange, and the ends seem much darker.  The over-all color isn’t very different.  If my hair were naturally lighter, it would probably be a more obvious difference.

August 2008 – the first time I used henna




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