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maiden braids

This was my inspiration.

I could kick myself for not taking photos of my hair like this!  It turned out LOVELY!!!  In fact, I’ve done it this way twice and still didn’t get any pics.  grrrr……  I just adore the way the braids totally cover the top of her head.  She created this nifty little tutorial so I will copy it below instead of just giving a link.  (If you click on the photo below, it will take you to her blog post.)

The key to this look is fairly loose braids.  You want the braids to lay softly and cover a wide area.  If you braid too tight, they’ll be stiff and hard to work with.  Looking back at this, I don’t think I used as much hair as she did for the braids, but it still turned out amazing.  I am in love with this style and it’s so easy!  It would so be one of my standard go-to styles if only it weren’t so time consuming to do the braids.

She also gave this as an alternative, doing only 2 braids in the same fashion and creating a basic headband.

And here are my photos:

Who hides their bobby pins anymore, right?  🙂  I like this because I can’t wear headbands, they give me a severe headache.  I just wish the hair towards the front of my head was thicker so the braids were bigger.


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