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new styles

I tried a new style recently.  I’ve been trying to play around with my hair a bit on the rare occasions that I straighten it (literally only 2 or 3 times a year) rather than just leaving it down.  It’s kinda difficult to style because it just slides right out of anything.  I would normally dampen the hair to make it hold better, but I can’t do that on my flat ironed hair or it won’t be flat any more. lol  I got the inspiration for this one from a pic I saw when looking for bridesmaids hairstyles back before the wedding.

I don’t think I could pull this one off with my hair curly because it wouldn’t lay as smooth.  I loved it though and it took like 5 minutes!  I also got compliments from everyone. 🙂  I did a fairly deep side part and then pulled my hair around as if to make a low side ponytail.  Rather than parting each section by drawing a line across from one side to the other like you normally do for a french braid, I just picked up pieces of hair at the point of the braid since all the hair is laying the right direction already.  This made the sections blend much better.  I started out with a french braid and switched to a lace braid when I reached my ear.  You could also add in larger chunks to make the braid end higher or smaller ones to make it go even lower.  You could also braid it all the way to the end, but I preferred the long straight ends hanging down my side.  It looked more elegant.  She just has a tiny bit of braid rather than all the way down the side of her head.  I couldn’t start mine that low and make it look good the first time around.  I may try again later when I have more time to play with it.


This is one I’ve done many times, but just now got pics of it.  Not really a full “style”, just the side swept bangs look with curly bangs.  I pull my hair back and style it into an updo leaving my bangs out.  Then I gather my bangs to one side and loosely arrange them and place a bobby pin or small barrette to hold them.  At the time these pics were taken, my bangs were a little longer than chin length.  I’ve done this with my bangs at various lengths, just has to be long enough to pin back.  When they’re shorter, I pin them in front of my ear.  I think leaving the bangs curly gives the trendy side swept look a more sophisticated feel.


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