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yes to cucumbers

yes to cucumbers conditionerI believe I had mentioned before that I stopped using TRESemme conditioner because they had changed their products and discontinued the one I used.  I tried one bottle of the new stuff and threw away half of it because my hair hated it.  So then I went to Suave Aloe Vera & Gensing.  It has dimethicone, but it was far down the ingredient list so I thought I’d try it and see, at least to have something to get by with until I found another good one.  At first I loved it! (typical, I know)  But by the end of the second bottle, my hair was feeling really waxy and wasn’t behaving well at all.  I washed with baking soda and was able to use it a little longer until I could find something to replace it.  After that, it only took half a bottle to make it feel waxy again. 😦

I found some at Walgreen’s called Yes to Cucumbers and Yes to Carrots.  (Apparently, there is Yes to Tomatoes too, but Walgreen’s didn’t have it.)  I read the labels and they seemed to be full of plant extracts and oils with NO -cones!!  YAY!!!  I bought the cucumber one because I liked the smell of it better, even though it’s for color-treated hair.  It’s more expensive than your regular Walmart conditioner, I believe it was about $8 for a 16 oz bottle.  That’s pretty normal for an organic product though.  I’ve used almost half a bottle and I really like it so far.  Hopefully this will last!  By the way, their shampoos are sulfate-free as well.

As an added bonus, the lady that works at Walgreen’s gave me a coupon for $2 off $10 or more of Yes To, so I got a package of Yes to Cucumbers facial cleansing wipes almost free!  I love free! 😀  I really like them too!  I can even take off my eyeliner and mascara with them and it doesn’t burn my eyes.  That in itself is amazing.  Here is a link to  Yes To products website.


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