everything I've learned about growing, maintaining, styling, and loving long hair

almost-panic mode

Gah!!  Eleven days till my wedding!  My dress is still not completely finished (close, but not done) and panic mode is starting to set in.  My plan was to have it done a month ago so I wouldn’t be dealing with it along with all the last minute planning, but things happened… unexpected difficulties, more shopping trips, appointments, work load increasing and making me feel really guilty about taking time off…..  So here I am finishing up the dress the week before the wedding.  Along with all the last minute details.  And at some point, I really must touch up my hair with henna.  The roots have grown out 3 inches.  Henna in hair while sewing a white wedding dress….. bad bad idea.  *sigh*

As for hair styling, it’s been a process of trial and error.  Literally.  Every trial has ended in error.  I’ve totally given up the idea of trying to make it look better than it does on a regular basis.  Everything I tried (like 8 new products and countless combinations!) was either worse or not any better than my normal routine.  I really loved the shine I was getting with KCCC, but I simply could not get good curls when I used it.  So I decided to just do a DT and a little trim several days before the wedding and then stick with the usual stuff.  I’ll be sure to post pics from the wedding so you can see how it turns out.


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