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wedding hair instructions

I had a couple requests for how I did my hair in my wedding rough draft.  So here it is…..

1.  I roughly “parted” my hair down the middle while it was drying.  In other words, I didn’t use a comb.  (I usually just let it fall however)
2.  I placed the headband at an angle on my head, just letting it slide between the curls.  You could probably add the headband at the end if you wish (if it’s a skinny one) because I actually removed it and repositioned it without any trouble.  But I think having it there helped me know where to pin the curls.
3.  I took the side front curls and loosely pinned them back, leaving some hanging around my face.
4.  I began lifting and pinning in the back at the crown area until I got it to look the way I wanted.  This part is kinda tricky because you have to pin from the under side so that the hair goes up and then hangs over the pins.  (I used big bobby pins for the base and then used regular bobby pins and hair pins to fine tune it.)

It’s pretty simple, but being able to pin it right and make it stay is the trick.  And don’t separate the curls!   Work with them as individuals and manipulate them to lay the way you want before you pin.


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