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tried new products

Someone from NaturallyCurly.com sent me a sample of Oyin Handmade Shine and Define.  “Formulated from vegetable sources renowned for their moisturizing & shine-increasing properties, Shine & Define Styling Serum imparts softness, light hold, great shine, and gentle definition.”

Ok, first of all, it smells like tanning lotion.  But the smell went away pretty quickly after my hair was dry.  It did make my hair very soft.  I could tell no difference in the shine.  I don’t think it did much in the definition area.  The top of my hair seemed to have some hold to it, but the bottom half was frizzy.  I had to wet it down and add AVG to make it look presentable.   I will experiment with it a couple more times before giving up entirely.

I bought a bottle of TRESemme Bouncy Curls Defining Gel at Walmart for about $3.

“To create defined, natural curls that bounce (and we mean bounce!)”  False. My curls were not as bouncy as usual and I had much less volume.

“Its humidity-resistance formula controls frizz for healthy-looking styles (minus crunchiness).”  True. As it was drying, I was skeptical.  But all I had to do was smooth it down with damp hands and it was frizz free the rest of the day.

“Its holding polymers lock curls into place for the tight curls you crave, while its proteins hydrate and tame flyaways.”  Somewhat true. I don’t know about hydrating, and I didn’t have the tight curls I crave, but it has nice hold without feeling stiff or crunchy.  (It’s also alcohol free.)

I really like the feel of this gel.  I expect anything that says strong hold to be thick and gooey, but this is fairly thin and slick.  It’s easy to get all through my hair.  At the end of the day, may hair was more wavy than curly so I need something curl-enhancing to use with it.  I will keep experimenting!


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