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herb treatment and avocados

So there’s an online store that my mom told me about called Bulk Herb Store where she buys a lot of her stuff.  Recently they contacted me and graciously offered to send me a
free Beautiful Hair treatment to try and review for them!  So I gave it a go this past
weekend.  It’s a combination of herbs (they give a list on their site)
that you mix with eggs, a bit of olive oil, and vinegar or lemon juice.
You put it in your hair like a typical DT – wrap it up in plastic and a
warm towel, leave it for 30-45 minutes, rinse.  Here’s a demo video.
It’s supposed to fill in the damaged parts of the hair shaft to make the hair shiny and bring out natural highlights.  It also contains nettles which is an awesome scalp treatment that I’ve used as a tea rinse in the past.
It was very
simple to mix up and not too difficult to put in my hair.  It reminded
me of a simplified henna treatment.  Since I do henna on my own hair,
this seemed easy. 🙂  I set the pot in the bathtub, knelt down with my
hair thrown forward in the tub, and squished it into my hair.  I had to
divide my hair in about 3 sections to make sure it was all the way through.
Because of the herbs, it doesn’t squish through like a conditioner
would.  The vinegar smell was almost overpowering!  I had to “come up
for air” a couple times. lol  If you can lay back and have someone put
it in your hair for you (as shown in the video), I would suggest doing
that.  Once I got it in and wrapped my hair up, I could hardly smell
it.  If you have lighter hair and use lemon juice, it probably wouldn’t
be as bad.

They suggest rinsing it out, but not shampooing
till the next day.  I was a little afraid because my hair is usually
greasy after a DT and I normally do a light shampoo, but it wasn’t
greasy at all.  I guess because it didn’t have much oil in it.  I did,
however, do a quick light condition and rinse afterwards like I always do.  I left it all
the next day and shampooed it the morning after that.  My hair did have
a pretty strong lingering vinegar smell until I washed it, but I was hanging around the
house most of the day so it wasn’t bad.  I would’ve felt bad going to
work that way though. 🙂

My hair is very shiny now!  It’s very soft
on the upper half, which is kinda strange because I put more on the
lower half because they said to concentrate it on the damaged parts.
I’m wondering if the coarseness of the herbs is a problem, because I do
have to use the extra fine henna powder to keep my hair from feeling
dried out.  I’m wondering if it’s just too harsh…. much like using a
coarse exfoliation scrub on delicate or sensitive skin.  Anyway, even
though it has a bit of henna in it, it didn’t cover my gray at all
(which they say it won’t), but the gray/silver hairs are almost glittery
now! lol  That’s how shiny my hair looks!  I have enough for one more
treatment.  I’m thinking next time I might mix it in 2 batches and put more oil in
one to use on the lower half of my hair and see if that makes a
difference.  I’ll let you know.
Be sure to check out the Bulk Herb Store.  They have a ton of stuff…. natural remedies, herb teas, bath and body, books, how-to’s, etc.  If you’re into herbs or making your own stuff, you’ll probably like it. 

In other news… I decided to do a DT with avocado again about a month ago.  Haven’t done that in a long time and my hair was feeling pretty dry.  I used a whole avocado with nothing else mixed with it.  Just smashed it up and put it in my hair and left it in for about an hour.  I was running short on time and didn’t wash it out thoroughly enough.  I was finding tiny fibers all through my hair after it dried and they were falling on my shirt like dandruff!  It was pretty bad.  I was embarrassed.  It did make my hair feel great though!  Just be sure to wash it and rinse it extremely thoroughly.
Yesterday, I took the other avocado I had and mixed a couple spoonfuls with a little honey and used it as a facial masque.  Heavenly! My face had gotten flaky and nasty-feeling from the dry heat here.  Now it feels amazingly soft and smooth!  I think I’ll use up the rest of it on my body.  You know, just so it doesn’t go to waste. 🙂


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