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new styles

Thought I’d share a couple new styles I’ve played around with lately. 
I finally learned how to do a messy bun.  Strange as that may seem… they’ve been fashionable for years.  But with as much hair as I have, it’s pretty much impossible to do it the way short-haired girls do.  Also, I guess I’m too much of a perfectionist to be able to do something messy on purpose.  It usually looks too neat.  And then I’m not happy with it because it doesn’t look right.  Is there such a thing as perfectly messy?  You know, it’s like looking around at these fashionistas and you just KNOW that they spent HOURS on their look and you think “wow, that’s how I look when I get out of bed in the morning!”  It always makes me think of when we were teenagers and we’d spend all day outside on a windy day or riding in the car with the windows down, then one of us would compliment the other on the “lovely hair-do”.  The one complimented would reply, “Thanks!  It took me 7 hours to fix it this way!”  It’s the same with the bed-head look.  The thing about a messy bun… if you sleep in it, shouldn’t it look even better?  Only sometimes.

So anyway, here is one version of my messy bun.  I used a hair elastic and a hairstick.  The hairstick is basically just decoration, and it pulls the bun up a little to hide the elastic.  In this one, I left some of the curly ends hanging to dress it up a bit.

For this one, I tried a new braid I saw on youtube not long ago. (the link is in the how-to section)  I modified it by braiding it looser, and braiding most of way to the end and making a side bun.  A loose side bun is another one of my new styles, but I don’t have pics of it yet.  Please excuse the frizziness of my hair.  It was damp, I think this style would work better on my hair when it’s completely dry and has good curl.  I’ll probably try it again on a better hair day.  Maybe I’ll post them if it turns out better.


This one is simply a side braid.  Nothing fancy.  I just pull it loosely to the side, leave some curls hanging around my face, do a loose braid about half way down the length, and make sure the ends are nice and curly.  I should have given it more thought this time though and done it on the button hole side of my jacket because the whole time my hair was catching on the buttons.



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