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did henna again

I finally got around to doing henna again.  It had grown out about 4 inches and faded.  I used the henna for African hair again.  I really like it a lot.  This time, I didn’t have the opportunity to mix it up and let it set overnight, so I put it near the heater and left it about two and a half hours, then put it on my hair.  It was late in the evening when I did this, so I left it on while I slept and rinsed it out in the morning.  I liked doing that, as long as it doesn’t leak out.  I mixed it up pretty thick.  It makes it harder to get into the hair, but at least it doesn’t run down my neck and around my ears.  Another new thing I did was add some ginger root powder.  One tablespoon per 100 grams is supposed to basically eliminate the henna odor.  I used 500g but only had 4tbsp of ginger.  It didn’t eliminate the odor, but it improved it.
And…. I have enough left for maybe a couple root touch-ups too!

Here’s before and after pics:


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