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Curl Keeper experiments

      Ok, so I was
fortunate enough to obtain a free partial bottle of Curly Hair
Solutions Curl Keeper to try out.  It’s supposed to help you “become
the master of frizz-free curls” and is water-based so it doesn’t build
up on your hair.
1st try:
I followed my normal routine, leaving out my usual shea butter and aloe
vera gel and using CK.  After my shower, I did an ACV rinse, plopped
for about 10 minutes, applied CK, air dried.
My hair felt really
nice to the touch, but limp and fluffy with very little clumping.  I
used AVG to tame it down, not very good curls, just wavy.

2nd try:
I asked some questions on naturallycurly.com forum, decided to alter my
routine a bit.  Immediately after showering, I did my ACV rinse,
squeezed out the water from my hair, applied about half again as much
CK, plopped with a t-shirt instead of a towel for 10-15 minutes, air
dried, added some AVG.  Had some slight crunchiness that went away
pretty quickly, better clumping, some nice root curl, but the ends were
only slight waves.

3rd try:
(shown in pic) Heard that CK has ingredients that correct pH balance of
the hair, so I left out the ACV rinse.  I added the shea butter back in
to help the ends keep their curl, then applied CK, plopped again with a
t-shirt (I’m really liking this!), air dried, applied AVG.  Some
serious root curl this time (it’s hard to get the CK all the way up
without disturbing the curls too much), nice clumping, nice curls on
the ends, my hair looked more ringlety than usual, still a little frizz
though.  My hair got fluffier throughout the day, but no so much that
it looked bad.  Seems harder to get good second-day hair than when
using just AVG.
4th try:
I followed exactly what I did the 3rd time, only I went to bed
immediately after taking my hair out of the t-shirt because it was
4:00am.  Note to self: Don’t go to bed before it has a chance to set.
My hair had funky zigzag waves instead of ringlets.  The weight of the
water kept it flat as it dried.  It definitely needs to be vertical and
have some movement to form good curls.

5th try:
I got some gel samples, again from naturallycurly.com swap board.  I
followed the previous routine exactly, except replaced AVG with Curly
Hair Solutions Gel.  This gel seemed to work better with CK than AVG
did.  There seemed to be a little less frizz and fluff.  Easier to get
second-day hair.

6th try:  Followed the same routine as in the 5th try only adding CHS gel immediately after added CK before plopping.  My hair looked great and was very soft!  But half way through the day my hair was fluffy and frizzy.

Conclusion: I can get some awesome looking hair with Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper and Gel, but not near enough hold to make it last.  I really like the consistency of it, it’s a pretty thin liquid so it’s very easy to get it all through my hair.  If only it had better hold.


2 responses

  1. Rebecca

    great blog! Unfortunately, my hair is about as straight as hair can be.. so I can\’t use any of your great advice– but I still like it! 🙂

    October 14, 2009 at 5:19 pm

  2. sarah

    Thanks, Rebecca. There are some things not specific to curly hair, just for healthy long hair in general. I just tend to focus on curly because mine is.

    November 3, 2009 at 8:02 pm

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