everything I've learned about growing, maintaining, styling, and loving long hair

tried something new

     I had an avocado left over from making guacamole dip the other day.  So I decided to use it as a DT.  I mixed a little olive oil and a little honey with it and put it in my hair for about 30 minutes, then washed it out with conditioner.  My hair is much softer today, but a bit greasy near the roots.  It doesn’t look bad though.  After I wash it again, it should take care of that.  I can’t remember what avocado does for hair, but it’s a fairly common thing to use.  I’ll have to look it up again and see what the benefits are.
I also was fortunate enough to find someone on naturallycurly.com forums that was willing to send me a free sample of Curl Keeper.  I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time, but it’s kind of expensive and I didn’t want to buy a whole bottle only to find out that I don’t like it.  I should be receiving it next week.  I can’t wait to try it!

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