everything I've learned about growing, maintaining, styling, and loving long hair

I’m still alive

     Just thought I’d post something so you know that I haven’t died.  The past couple of months have been crazy busy!!  The holidays, work deadlines, school deadlines, etc…….  I haven’t even been reading the hair forums!  
     The air has been so dry, as indicated by my flaking skin and nose bleeds.  I guess I’ve been kinder to my hair.  lol  I’ve been regularly using shea butter and ACV rinse, and adding honey to my conditioner.  (On a side note, a Thanksgiving visitor at my house asked with a very curious tone and expression "Why do you have a bottle of honey in your shower?"  It was funny.)  I haven’t noticed the crunchy ends that usually show up during winter.  My hair still feels very soft.  I finally measured again.  I trimmed my hair last week, about 2 inches to even it up and get rid of split ends.  After trimming, it’s now 37 inches.  For about the past year, I’ve been trimming at the tip of my tailbone to let the rest catch up so the ends would be thicker.  My goal has been 40 inches, which I’ve reached a few times before trimming back up.  I’d like to make my "cut off point" (pun intended) longer now.  I’m planning to go back to microtrimming for a while and see what happens.

What do you think?

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