everything I've learned about growing, maintaining, styling, and loving long hair

different house, different town, different water………

     I moved a couple weeks ago.  So now I’m having to tweak my routine.  On top of that, I’m out of some things, so I’m having to make do with what I can get till my order comes in.  The water is definitely different here.  My hair has been really tangled.  After washing/conditioning, my ends are in knots.  My hair never does that!  Even as curly and thick as it is, I’ve never had a problem with tangles.  I found that vinegar rinse seems to take care of that though.  So now it’s not an option, I must use vinegar every time I wash my hair.  Today I did an olive oil treatment.  When I washed it out, I added about a teaspoon of honey to the vinegar rinse instead of using conditioner.  My hair is amazingly soft! 
     Oh yeah, and I’m sooooo ready to henna again!  My roots are grown out about 2 inches or more now.  I’m so lazy about it.  It’s a good thing the color isn’t way different.  I better go add that to my online shopping list…….

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