everything I've learned about growing, maintaining, styling, and loving long hair

tried mayo again

     I think my hair is overconditioned for the first time in my life!  I didn’t know it was possible!  I decided to try a mayo treatment using the same method as my olive oil treatment.  I smothered my hair in mayo, clipped it up, and left it for about 24 hours, then washed.  It has been awful since then.  My hair is extremely soft and fluffy.  The curl falls out so easily it’s pathetic.  The only time it ever does that is the first day after an oil treatment, then it goes back to acting normal.  But this has lasted more than a week.  I did a CO and a shampoo and it still acted weird.  Yesterday, I rinsed and scrunched in shea butter.  That seemed to weigh it down some and it behaved a little better. 
Note to self: never leave mayo in hair longer than an hour.

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