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henna samples

     I mixed up a bit of each sample today. I feel like a scientist performing and recording experiments.   Ok, I have 4 different types of henna.
1. BAQ 1 Rajasthan from Mehandi
2. BAQ 2 Pakistan from Mehandi
3. Henna for African hair from Mehandi
4. Henna from Bulk Herb Store

I mixed each one with distilled water.
1 – coarse paste, literally looked and smelled like a dirty diaper when mixing; smell lessened after a few minutes.
2 – smoother paste, smell not as bad as 1.
3 – very smooth paste, had almost no scent when mixing; a little more scent after a few minutes, but still the least offensive.
4 – very coarse paste, smell about the same as 2; after a few minutes this one had the strongest smell.
I covered each bowl with plastic wrap and let them sit on my book shelf for about 24 hours (overnight and all day while I was at work).  They are all much more brown than green now.  1 and 4 are darker, 2 and 3 are brighter.  I added hair to each one at 6:40pm.
I rinsed the hair samples after 3 1/2 hours.  (At least 4 hours is recommended, but I needed to go to bed.) 
1 – hair is sort of burgandy, gray has strawberry-blonde look.
2 – hair is more red, gray has strawberry-blonde look.
3 – hair is brightest, gray turned very definite orange, most color change.
4 – hair is darkest brown, least color change.
Here’s pics of the results:
(the slide show wasn’t working for some people, so I’m putting the pics on here after all)  It’s difficult to really see the difference in the pics, but I can see a distinct difference when looking at the real thing.
My original hair is on the right in each pic.



     I decided to go with #2 – Pakistan.  My main concern was the coarseness and what it would do to my hair.  That’s the reason I got a sample of 3, because it’s a finer powder so it’s not as harsh on delicate hair.  I think I would be very happy with 3.  However, 2 was almost as smooth and creamy as 3, and it costs less, and the color isn’t as bold.  I did a patch test on my head using the rest of my 2 sample.  I was happy with it.  I planned to take a pic showing the difference, but it was so slight it wouldn’t show up in the pics.  I was particularly worried about how red the ends would turn out because there’s a bit of sun-bleaching.  I was happy with the result.  The new color is basically the same color as my hair normally looks in the sunlight.  So now I’m off to place an order.
     I haven’t placed my order yet.  I’m so terrible!  In the mean time, I discovered that I can no longer even find the test strip of hair.  (The color normally tones down a bit after a few days as it oxidizes.)  That means that if I use #2, after a few days my hair will probably be back to the original color.  Bad.  I’m thinking I’ll probably just put out the extra money and use #3.  I got a great bonus at work this month, so it’s all good.


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