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henna recipe?

     Hennaforhair.com has a ton of different recipes for mixing henna.  Who can guess which one would work best?  I decided to follow Riot Crrl’s advice (on naturallycurly.com forum).  Several ladies agreed with her.  Here’s what she said:
"I’m a strong advocate of the idea that it’s really not needed to mix so much stuff in there. Coffee, wine, spices, essential oils, I don’t think they do much except affect the smell and perhaps create a headache. (Unless the essential oils are terpene, then they could possibly cause a stain to your scalp much longer than the usual 1-2 days, lol.)

I used to use: henna plus ReaLemon
Then I switched to: henna plus tapwater

That’s it. The only thing is that if your tapwater is very alkaline, that could prevent the henna from reaching sufficient acidity on its own. There are a few ways around this: Use the water with only a small amount of the acid, make the water into chamomile tea first using any cheapo chamomile teabags (will acidify the water a bit, and also is supposed to help with rinsing slip but I haven’t tried), or, buy distilled water at the store to use.

I have recently come to believe about the Yemen that it does release dye faster than other origins or crops, and I suspect it may have a longer continuum of dying time also. I have got the reddest and darkest results from it by mixing it with only water, applying pretty much right away, and leaving on a really long time.

I really think you don’t need 900 ingredients. But the one additive I would possibly advise is the bit of salt with the indigo. It is supposed to help with colorfastness. The one time I did add indigo, I failed to remember about the salt, and the indigo did wash out in days, lol.

If you start with a very simple mix, and then you really don’t like the henna smell or something, you can then experiment with adding the ginger or cloves or whatnot. I don’t believe they do anything noticeable or lasting to the color, it’s just a smell thing. Henna is strong dye, I don’t see anyone really dying their hair permanently with only coffee or cloves."


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