everything I've learned about growing, maintaining, styling, and loving long hair


     I haven’t done much braiding at all for the past year or so.  I guess "the new wore off" or something.  People have just stopped asking me to do it.  I’ve also kept so busy that I haven’t had time to play around and experiment like I did before.  I came across a site by accident the other day which had lots of braid pictures.  Some of the pictures were from Katja, the braider who first inspired me. (her site had disappeared because she no longer kept it up)  It was a pleasant surpise to see her work again.  It sparked the desire for braiding again.  I braided my hair for work for the first time ever in the more than a year that I’ve worked there.  The only other time I wore braids to work was when I had it professionally done a couple months ago.  I think the main reason I stopped french braiding my hair was because I grew out my bangs, and I don’t like the look of all my hair pulled back into braids with no bangs.  When I cut them again, it was into a much longer style.  I wasn’t sure how it’d look with long side-swept bangs left out of the braid, and I never seemed to find time to experiment with it.  If I tried to braid my hair in the morning and it didn’t work, I’d have to totally wet my hair and start fixing it from scratch because braiding messes up the curl pattern and frizzes it.  I don’t want to spend a half hour trying to get the braid to work only to have to spend another hour completely re-doing everything and end up being late for work.  When I had it professtionally done, I left my bangs down and just pinned them to the side with a jewelled bobby pin.  I was very happy with the look.  So now I know….  I’ve seen several new ideas for braids and want to try them out now.  Hopefully I’ll get the chance (and some new models).  I’m so out of practice!  It takes a lot longer than it used to. :o)

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