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molasses again, a trim, henna

     I did another mollases and olive oil treatment a couple weeks ago (just now getting a chance to write about it).  This time, I used less oil – mixed it about half and half with molasses.  I also washed it out thoroughly the first time instead of a light wash and then a thorough wash the next day.  I think that made the biggest difference.  My hair didn’t feel as soft as it did last time.  But I was going somewhere the next day and didn’t want greasy hair.  It still made my hair feel really nice though.  I just think that leaving it on the extra time made the difference.  I can also tell there is a difference from when I use only olive oil, adding the molasses does help.
     I trimmed my hair the same day.  I took off about 2 inches… the most I’ve trimmed off in a long time.  My ends were getting pretty thin and weren’t curling much.  I hate it when my corkscrews fizzle out into S-waves at the ends.  It may not really look bad, but it drives me nuts.  The more even the ends are, the better they curl.  So it looks alot better now.  Even though it’s back to 38 inches.  I had made it to 40 which was my goal, so now I know it’s possible.
     I’ve been seriously thinking about coloring my hair with henna.  I’ve been doing research and talking to some ladies on the naturallycurly.com forum who use it.  I got a free e-book on cd from hennaforhair.com.  I’ve just glanced through it, but it has lots of information and before and after pictures and all kinds of helpful stuff.  Since my hair is so dark, it won’t change the color much.  It should just make it have a redder tone. 

What do you think?

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