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sticky situation

     I had forgotten about the molasses experiment I had done a while back.  I ran out of molasses and so I wasn’t able to try it again.  I wanted to see if multiple uses made a difference.  It was brought back to memory while I was looking over my site.  So I decided to try it again.  Only this time I tried mixing it with olive oil instead of conditioner.  (conditioner was what was suggested to me) 
     First of all, it was very difficult to mix, even heated.  The molasses smelled so good, I ate some with butter on bread while the mixture was heating.  I still had to stir it everytime I poured some into my hand.  It was a sticky mess.  I used what was left as a facial cleanser.  My skin felt baby soft!  I put my hair into 2 buns and tied on a bandana.  I left it in all day and washed it out that night.  Note to self: doing yard work with molasses in hair causes one to get dive-bombed by humming birds.  Anyway, I didn’t wash it really thoroughly.  Evidently it was only enough to get the stickiness out, but not the oil.  My hair was very greasy afterwards.  I left it that way for another day and then washed it very thoroughly.  My hair is now really soft, but extremely fly-away.  The curls won’t form, it just fluffs.  Oil seems to have that effect on my hair.  I guess I used too much or left it in too long.
     So, the experiment continues.  No conlusion yet…..
~ ~ ~
     It’s now 6 days after using the treatment.  My hair is soooo amazingly soft!!  I did a CO-wash on the third day and it tamed the fluffiness alot.  I did another CO-wash on the fifth day.  I can’t believe I’ve gone 6 days without shampooing!  I’m going to keep doing CO’s for as long as I can stand it.  (I think it’s the weather that makes a difference.)  I can’t believe how soft my hair is.  It’s always softer after an olive oil deep treatment, but I guess the molasses really added to it.  I’m going to try to remember to do these regularly.  I’ll just have to wear my hair up for the first couple days after.

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