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     Ok, this place seriously needs some updating!  That’s the story of my life right now… letting things go, only keeping up with what must be done.  I hate it when my life gets that way.  I put things off or skip steps because they don’t seem very important, but eventually I begin to notice the long-term results.  I mentioned before that I’ve been trying to alter my routine to fit my "working woman" life.  I’ve come to realize that altering my schedule is probably easier. 
     Without really meaning to, I’ve dropped off bits of my routine to save time.  Stupid me, I start wondering why my ends are so dry and I start thinking I’m going to have to give it a good trim, then I realize I haven’t used shea butter on it but twice in the past few months!  I start trying to get back into the habit of using it after every wash.  My hair not only feels so much softer, but the curl starts holding better again making the curling spritz not so necessary as it had been.  I also have started keeping a large plastic cup and a bottle of vinegar in the bathroom cabinet so it’s more convenient to do the ACV rinse every time. 
     My scalp has been flaking terribly this season!  I’ve discovered that CWC (condition-wash-condition) works well.  Immediately after wetting my hair I use a generous, and I mean generous, amount of conditioner all over my hair, concentrating on massaging it into my scalp.  Sometimes I rinse it out right away, sometimes I clip it up and leave it for the duration of my shower.  Next, I rinse it out and then shampoo and condition as usual.  It doesn’t completely eliminate the flakes, but it helps quite a lot.  I would normally use rosemary tea rinse for this, but that’s one of the routine alterations. 
     I have refrained from trimming my bangs for four whole months!!  The longest layers are below my chin now.  They’re the absolute perfect length for leaving them curly.  I’ve been doing that a lot lately.  It’s fun to have curls bouncing around my face.  It’s easier to shampoo less often when I’m not wearing my bangs straight all the time, so that’s another benefit.  They get oily so much faster when they’re laying across my forehead. 
     And my gray hairs are getting more noticeable…….

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