everything I've learned about growing, maintaining, styling, and loving long hair

Merry Christmas!

     Well, it’s only a few days till Christmas.  I love to watch for holiday hair styles to get fresh ideas.  For the Christmas party I went to, I just wore my hair down and left my bangs curly.  They formed nice ringlets around my face.  It may seem bland, but since I wear my hair up nearly every day for work now, having it down and the curls bouncing around me was fun. 
     My hair is still growing.  I’ve been keeping the tips trimmed at tailbone length to let the rest of it catch up some.  The ends are getting ever thicker.  I’m so happy!
     I think I may have found a solution to my shampoo delima.  Nature’s Gate is made with natural/organic ingredients but also contains sulfates.  I’ve tried very hard to get away from sulfates, but my hair just doesn’t respond well.  I got the tea tree kind because of dandruff.  It smells horrid, but I like the way my hair feels.  I think next time I’ll get a different scent (it’s not really helping anyway).  I don’t like the conditioner though.  I can’t find Naturade Aloe 80 anymore.  The store I originally bought it from stopped carrying it, and no one else has it or can get it.  I’m so upset because that was the best ever!  I’ve gone back to TRESemme conditioner, I just get the one with the least amount of ‘cones.  It seems to be working ok. 
     I broke down and bought TRESemme hair curling spritz (I forget the exact name of it).  The aloe vera gel just wasn’t keeping my curls throughout the day like I needed.  I haven’t used anything like that in several years.  I think there’s a difference in the air or something.  I don’t know…  I really do like it though.  It works very well keeping my curls bouncy without making it too stiff.
     I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!  Have fun with your hair!

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