everything I've learned about growing, maintaining, styling, and loving long hair

I need more hours in a day

Just by way of keeping you all updated……
     I’m trying to find a new groove.  My routine isn’t working for me as well as it did before so I’m trying to adapt it.  Since I’m having to style my hair every single day for work now, I’m handling it more and using more products on it than I have in a long time.  My hair is reacting to the change.  I have to shampoo it more often because: 1. I’m handling it more so it gets greasy faster, and 2. I’m using more gel and hairspray.  I’m trying to alternate between regular shampoo and organic shampoo so it’s not so harsh.
My goals:
1. take vitamins every day
2. get back into the habit of vinegar rinsing after every wash
3. stop using so much hairspray
4. grow out my bangs (at least temporarily to see if I’ll like it)

What do you think?

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