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backyard waterhose sounds better

     Well that was an experience I don’t want to have to repeat. 
     Our bathroom is in the middle of a remodeling project right now.  We took out the bathtub/shower (because it was leaking) and put in a shower stall.  So now I don’t have a bathtub to wash my hair in.  Bad deal.  It was discussed that we might put in a larger sink with one of those faucets that curves up in the air so that I can wash my hair that way.  In the mean time, the only option I have for wetting my hair is in the shower.
     And you would know, this would be the time when my hair decides to act up and start feeling nasty and not cooperating.  The only way to fix it is to completely wet it down and start from scratch.  Even washing it when I shower at night, the next morning it feels and looks awful.  Well, I’ve been trying to just deal with it and manage it the best I can with a spray bottle and gel.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to go to work every day.
     Yesterday it was so unmanageable that I decided to wash it in the sink in the other bathroom.  Yes… picture me bending over a tiny sink and trying to wet my hair with a faucet I can’t fit my head under while trying to keep 3 feet of hair from going down the drain.  It was ridiculous.  I think next time I’ll just go out in the back yard and use a water hose.  
     Today I got in the pool after work.  (yes, it’s finally warm enough to use it!)  My hair felt awesome afterwards!!  It’s so soft and bouncy-curly.  That’s weird because it normally reacts totally opposite, sticky and limp.  I think maybe it’s from all the rain water in it.

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