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new job

     Well, I got a job.  I start Monday.  It’s an office job, but it’s a relaxed atmosphere so I don’t have to be ultra-professional or anything, so that’s good.  But it still means that I now have to make my hair look good every day instead of just a couple times a week.  I’m not used to that.  I still try to make my hair look decent when I’m at home.  I don’t let myself go just because my family are the only ones that see me, but I don’t put that much effort into it.  It also means no more middle of the day leisurely spa-type treatments.  Deep conditioning and other major hair stuff that takes time will probably be put off till the weekend.  And, I won’t be spending as much time on the computer… chatting on forums, researching new ideas, or updating this space.  (On the up side, I’ll have more money to spend on hair stuff, like better products and more accessories.) 
     I’m also not much of a morning person.  I can get up and be ready on time, that’s not a problem.  In fact, after getting up at, say, 7:00 two or three mornings in a row, I start waking up automatically at that time.   I just don’t like doing it.  And I don’t like having to rush getting ready.  I usually end up eliminating steps that are not extremely necessary (like fixing my hair up really nice or putting on more make-up than eyeliner and chapstick) so I get into a rut.  It’s going to take me a little while to get into a morning getting-ready-for-work routine.  I haven’t done that in probably 8 years.  Earlier bedtime, here I come…..

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