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lesson learned…

Lesson: Don’t trim until you’ve done a good conditioning treatment, your ends may not be as bad as you think.
     Yeah.  I was just on the verge of cutting off a couple inches.  I mean, I actually had the scissors in my hand once, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I said to myself, “Not yet.  I’ll let it get a little longer first.”  The last few inches of my hair were feeling really dry and tangly.  My hair is not prone to tangles at all!  So when the ends start getting knots, that means they’re really dry and brittle, not sliding smoothly against each other. 
     I got to thinking… I haven’t done an actual real trim in maybe 2 years, just microtrims…. Maybe it’d be good for it to take off an inch or two…. My hair has probably gotten really dry over the winter and that’s why it’s getting knots…. Taking off that much would also thicken up my ends quite a bit and make my hair look thicker and healthier…. I would only be taking it back to the length I had in November, that’s not too bad…. the length it’s been stuck at for the past 2 years…. hmmm…..
     So, like I said, I put the scissors away and decided to give it a little more time to grow.  And you know what, I blame it all on VO5.  I said before that I was spoiled to using good conditiioners, and switching to VO5 is like going to McDonald’s instead of Olive Garden or something.  If you’re used to eating out of a trash can, McDonald’s is probably pretty wonderful.  And maybe it’s just that VO5 doesn’t suit my hair type, just like McDonald’s doesn’t suit some people’s tastes. 
     I’ve been using it like I said I would – using a huge amount and letting it soak, then rinsing and adding a bit of my good aloe conditioner afterwards to the tips.  I did that about 4 times and my hair was feeling so nasty!  That’s when I started thinking about trimming.  After the next wash, I used only the aloe conditioner, without VO5.  My hair felt wonderful!  I don’t want the pitiful 98 cents worth of stuff to go to waste, so the time after that I did a pre-wash treatment with the VO5 by soaking all my hair in it, then washing and conditioning with my good conditioner.  (kinda like stopping by McDonald’s for an appetizer on the way to Olive Garden for dinner)  My hair felt glorious!  So soft and shiny!  I’d like to do that with every wash, but time simply does not permit.  It already takes me 10 minutes for my normal wash-condition routine.  So I guess I’ll just set the VO5 aside and use it only when I have time to do the pre-wash thing. 
     Then, I looked at my hair from the back (using 2 mirrors) and thought, you know what, my hair doesn’t look bad at all!  It’s longer than it’s ever been, it’s shiny, and the ends aren’t as thin as I imagined.  So my scissors are safely tucked away for a while longer. 

One response

  1. IegnA

    My friend sent me an email not too long ago that recommended you use conditioner to shave your legs if you don\’t like it in your hair.  Just a thought.

    April 10, 2007 at 3:57 am

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