everything I've learned about growing, maintaining, styling, and loving long hair

checking my stats

     Somebody’s been busy recommending my site on answers.yahoo.com!  I’ve gotten several hits from there in the past couple of days.  I like to look at my stats and see where people come to my space from.  It’s always interesting, sometimes puzzling (because the words they search for are found in random places throughout my space), sometimes just funny.  Of course, most of my hits come from HairBoutique’s forum because I have a link in my signature.  Some are from various other forums that I occasionally post on.  Many are from search results (especially now that I’ve added a "how-to" section).  But it’s really cool to see someone else recommending my site to others!  
p.s. my visitor counter is up over 1,000 now, and it hasn’t been on here the whole time

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