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barrel curl instructions

Because I’ve had so many requests for directions on how to create this style, I decided to post it permanently here.  I even have pictures! (that was
requested too)
1.  Pull all hair into a ponytail where you wish the style to be centered (sometimes I do it higher, sometimes lower).  If the ponytail is a bit loose, that’s ok because all the bobby pins you’ll be using will secure it.
2.  Separate a small piece of hair.  Dampen it a bit with a spray bottle and smooth a dab of gel down the entire length.
note: Because my hair is curly, I always do this style before my hair completely dries after washing.  Being wet helps the hair to lay smoother and gives it more grip.  (this works well for hair that’s heavy also)  Straight hair works fine dry, just dampening with a spray bottle.
3.  Wrap the section around 2 fingers and hold it against your head with those 2 fingers while you grab a bobby pin.  (I use large pins for the first couple of loops and then normal sized ones as my hair thins out towards the ends.  If your hair is thin, you probably don’t need to worry about this.)

4.  Slide the pin in on the underside against your head, making sure to catch all the hair on the bottom of the loop.

5.  Using the same piece of hair, gently (so you don’t tug the first pin out) wrap it around 2 fingers close to the first loop.  Wrap the loops at odd angles to keep it from looking like one continuous roll.  For example, I made the first loop vertical, the second horizontal.  You’ll be able to see this better in later pics.
6.  Slide a pin into the loop on the underside and against your head, making sure to catch all the hair on the bottom of the loop (this is very important because the loops won’t hold their shape if all the hair is not held in the pin).
7.  Repeat steps 5 and 6 pinning the loops in a cluster at different angles and working towards the outside (do not go in a circle around your ponytail) until you get close to the end of this piece of hair.
8.  For the last loop, wrap the remaining tail around your 2 fingers. (I usually wrap it 2 or 3 times around.  Since my hair thins toward the ends, this makes the last loop closer to the same thickness as the others.)
9.  Making sure the ends are tucked under and hidden, carefully slide your 2 fingers out and hold the loop in place.  Pin, again making sure to catch hair against your head and all the hair on the bottom side of the loop.
10.  It should look something like this.  Notice how the loops are at different angles.  Like     l – l – not l l l l.
11.  Now, repeat step 2 with another piece of hair the same size and next to the first one. 
12.  Wrap the new section around 2 fingers and pin close to the cluster.  Repeat the previous steps, continuing to make clusters around your ponytail until all of the hair is looped and pinned.  I usually use 5 or 6 sections on myself.
If you’re doing this on yourself, you’ll want to periodically check with a mirror to make sure you’re forming a symmetrical style. 
   It should end up looking something like this.
Or similar to this if the hair is shorter.
It’s an easy style to get lots of variations from.  You can adjust the size of the loops and the number of sections according to the length and thickness of the hair or the look you want.  You can even add some braided loops.  Sometimes I do it low with a side part or a zigzag part.  Looks awesome with flowers in it!
Thank you to my sister for taking pictures for me.  We both apologize for the ones that are a bit blurry.

2 responses

  1. IegnA

    Seeing things like this make me miss my long hair.  Don\’t get me wrong, I like what I\’ve done with my hair.  But I miss being able to play.

    March 2, 2007 at 2:53 am

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