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more experimenting

     I’d been asking alot of questions about protein hair treatments on HairBoutique.com, and got lots of suggestions.  I finally bought a little packet of Ion Reconstructor Treatment at Sally’s.  (like a trial size thing for $2)  It only takes a small amount, so it’ll last me a while.  If I decide I want to keep using it long-term, I’ll probably go ahead and buy a bottle of it.  More expensive than what I’m used to, but not outrageous. 
     Anyway, I tried it once and loved it!  I know you can’t “cure” split ends and damaged hair no more than you can a broken fingernail.  But you can glue broken fingernails and keep them a while longer.  That seems to be the way this works.  My hair was really soft and shiny, and the splits seemed to have disappeared (“glued” back together).  Even after 2 shampooings, the results were still there.  I expected it to wash out, but it didn’t.  Shea butter seems to “glue” the splits also, but it only lasts until the next wash. (still haven’t gotten any more shea butter, can’t seem get in touch with the lady I buy it from, I’m missing it bad!)  The smell was not bad either, not too strong.  Reminded me of baby powder…. 
     Then, by recommendation from my African-American friends at HairBoutique, I did another treatment.  Well, part of experimenting is finding out what not to do!  Right?  So I discovered that once a week is too much for my hair.  The ends became stiff and tangly.  Dave told me that’s how you know if you’re overdoing it.  I waited a few days just to see what my hair would do.  After a couple of CO washes, the ends still felt like straw so yesterday I decided to do a rhassoul clay wash to sort of strip the hair, thinking it might improve matters.  It did help!  I was happy.  My hair felt softer again.  I won’t be doing another treatment until the end of the month.  Alot of things that work on African hair work great for me, but protein once a week isn’t one of them.  So I’m going to try once a month. 
     I’m also wondering if there’ll be a problem with build-up.  Everyone I talked to said they don’t (unless they do the treatment too often, of course).  So this is still an experiment in progress…………

What do you think?

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