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they reformulated my conditioner!

     I noticed while at the store the other day that the TRESemme conditioner I’ve been using now has different ingredients than it did when I first started using it.  It includes dimethicone now.  That was the main reason I chose it, because it didn’t contain any silicones.  My hair doesn’t respond well to them.  However, I’ve used nearly a whole bottle of the new formula before I realized it had changed.  I’ve noticed no difference in my hair!  (that’s a first!)  Dimethicone is pretty far down on the ingredients list, so maybe that’s why.  I will look for another brand now because I don’t want to use something that’ll build up on my hair, but I’ll continue using TRESemme until I find a new one that I like. 
     Do you realize how hard it is these days to find hair products without silicones in them? (especially ones that are reasonably priced)  Every new product has it, and nearly every “new and improved” old product has it.  My sister found some Suave that doesn’t contain it, but it doesn’t have as much natural/botanical/herbal ingredients like I prefer.  It’s so frustrating!  I used Aussie products for years and absolutely loved them.  But they reformulated everything to include silicones a few years ago and my hair hated it.  I had to stop using it.  Even many of the “natural” shampoos and conditioners contain silicones now.  Too bad the castile didn’t work for me…
     Speaking of castile soap, I said I’d try using it only on my length with regular shampoo on my scalp.  So far, it’s working great!  My length needs the extra oils, but my scalp just can’t handle it.  It’s a little difficult because while rinsing it out, it makes my hair feel sticky.  I just have to be careful not to run my fingers through it during the rinsing process.  But after I condition, it’s perfectly normal again. 
     I did a second olive oil treatment and my hair feels nice again.  It’s been in the 30’s here for the past few weeks, needless to say we’ve been running the heater pretty much constantly.  So, I’ll probably continue the treatments every week or 2 until it warms up again.  I’m getting great results from it.
     Sunday, I dried my hair using the new method.  I left my bangs curly and and loosely pulled back the top with some tiny claw clips.  I got so many compliments on it!  Several people mentioned that my hair looked curlier or my curls looked bouncier.  So it’s not just my imagination!

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