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castile soap results

     In November I mentioned that I’d bought a bottle of castile soap to experiment with as shampoo.  It’s much more gentle because it’s made with saponified oils rather than detergents.  I thought that maybe since my hair is so dry that it would help improve that.  Well, the first few times I used it, my hair felt wonderful, but I noticed that it wasn’t rinsing out thoroughly enough.  After my hair dried, I could feel a bit of residue at the back.  I solved this problem by washing my hair half at a time, with it parted down the middle.  This worked beautifully!  (I would recommend this method to anyone with thick hair who has a hard time getting the shampoo to the scalp because of the bulk of hair)  But… I guess it was too gentle for my scalp.  The oil build-up built up at least twice as fast (probably because of the oils in the soap) which was getting nasty and making my head itch.  After using it about 3 weeks, I had to do a clarifying baking soda wash to get rid of it all.  I haven’t used it on my scalp since then.  Now I’m experimenting with using it on the length.  I want to see if it builds up on that as well.  If not, I’ll stick to using castile on the length and regular shampoo on the scalp.

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