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a sad good-bye to an old friend

     I learned yesterday that my favorite website, The Long Hair Site, will no longer exist after the end of this year.  Frank Ploenissen, the owner, has made the decision to close the site because he no longer has the time to dedicate to it.  He created TLHS more than 10 years ago and it has always been a wonderful site dedicated to the love and care of long hair on women.  Frank has always held to very high standards, maintaining the focus and keeping it a positive and family-friendly place.  It has been full of helpful information and the most amazing photos!  The message board became a community of people bonded by a common interest, brought together from literally all over the world.  (people from the United States, Canada, Australia, and many European and Asian countries)  I’ve been a member of that message board for at least 6 years, it has become almost like a family to me.  All of the people there are wonderful!  I’m so sad to see it broken up with everyone going their separate ways!  I’ll miss each one.  Yes, there are other long hair sites to visit and other long hair forums to chat on, but none are as good as TLHS has been. 
     Thank you, Frank, for all the time and effort you have put into TLHS over the years.  It will be greatly missed!

towel drying technique for curly hair

Wrapping the towel around your hair this way makes the curls form better and they are more bouncy.  I don’t do it exactly like the pictures show, but somewhat similar.  I wanted to add the picture to give you an idea of how it’s done.  It took me a while to get the hang of it, so don’t give up too quickly if I doesn’t seem to be working for you.
     I leave the towel on for 10-15 minutes.  If your hair is shorter or thinner, it may not take that long.

my hair lately

     My hair has actually been behaving exceptionally well lately.  It obviously loves the cold weather!  The temperatures have been low enough to be cold outside, but not enough to need much artificial heat inside.  We’ve only needed to run our heater at home about 3 days so far this winter because, as usual, it’s been up and down between 20 and 70 degrees.  The artificial heat kills my hair!  It makes it so dry and static-y.  I like it like it is right now.  I’m not that much for cold weather anyway….
     I trimmed my hair yesterday.  I noticed that it was getting very uneven again.  One little section on the right in the back grows faster and healthier than the rest.  I have no clue why or how this happens.  It was more than an inch longer than the rest!  So I trimmed it to match, and trimmed the rest of it just a tiny bit (about 1/4 inch or less). 
     Also, I was pleased to notice that some of the shorter parts are catching up.  The top layer has about 3 inches to go before it’s the same length as the under side.  I’ve never had my hair layered, but it appears that way because of the severe breakage a few years back.  I’ve been gradually trimming the shape into less of a V and more of a U.  I want to go gradually to just a little curve.  I don’t like it to be completely straight across, just not a deep V. 
     I started cutting it that way to begin with because the left side was significantly shorter than the rest. (as in this picture)  When I discovered how to self-trim in a V or U, I decided to go with it because it would improve the appearance without actually taking off any length. 
     One other thing…..  I have started drying my hair in a different way.  I’ve done something similar to this a few times before, not knowing it was an actual technique until I read about it the other day.  Ok, I don’t do this every time because it’s still a bit awkward and sometimes I just don’t want to spend the extra time and effort.  But it really does make the curls more bouncy and formed.  One problem: it seems to amplify the differences in texture as some parts of my hair curl up tighter than others.  When I dry it this way, the corkscrew parts curl really tight and then the parts that are only wavy look out of place.  Maybe I’ll be able to perfect the technique.  I’m still working on it.