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Locks of Love FYI

Did you know:
   1. a child must have permanant hair loss to receive a wig?
       chemotherapy patients are not eligible
   2. these wigs are not free of charge?
       prices are based on the income of the family
   3. your donated hair may not end up in a child’s wig?
       most donations are determined unfit and sold
   4. in general, American hair is unsuitable for these wigs?
       the hair is damaged by use of chemicals such as dying and perming, use of styling products, heat from dryers and
       irons, and even frequent washing!
   5. LoL has received an estimated 936,000 donations and have only created 1,000 hairpieces?
       each wig requires about 10 donations, so where have the other 925,000 gone?

Alternatives to donating your hair:
1. If you are going to cut your hair regardless, sell it and donate the money to cancer research.  Finding a cure is more important anyway, right?  And this way you know where your money is going.
2. If you know someone with cancer, offer to buy them a wig.  This way you know a person is being helped.
3. Donate blood.  Donate hair and save someone’s dignity, donate blood and save someone’s life. (I do this on a regular basis)
4. Participate in the Relay for Life or other events that help fight cancer. (I joined a team for our local relay in June this year)

One response

  1. GypsyFisch

    I just came across your blog while searching for alternative long hair care methods (my hair is butt length) and happened to read this entry. Not only are you spot on, but there is an article in which the LoL founder requested that folks just send monetary donation instead of their hair.

    “While Locks of Love continues to stand by its mission, it’s admitted that sorting through the mounds of unusable hair is an arduous task and that it would much prefer to get money from supporters.

    “A check would be easier for me,” Coffman, told The New York Times. “But would the donors get out of it what they do? No.”

    And here’s the full article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/14/locks-of-love-controversy_n_3269078.html

    This article is about a year old, but it lends support to your post.


    July 11, 2014 at 6:39 pm

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